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Process – Transforming your terrace into a swimming pool in a twinkling of an eye is now possible with a removable bottom. Do you want to play water volleyball or reduce the pool depth for your children or a person with reduced mobility? Few seconds are enough. This arrangement can be considered for the construction or during the renovation of an existing swimming pool.

Prerequisites – If you already have a swimming pool, several conditions must be met for a removable bottom installation, even if it will be custom-made. First of all, a removable floor can be integrated into an in-ground pool, whether it has a flat or sloping bottom. The swimming pool walls must be vertical to ensure that there are no overlaps or gaps when sliding the tray. In addition, the swimming pool must not have a submerged staircase, but be aware that a removable bottom can contain one. Some renovation work can be considered to remove any existing equipment hindering the mechanical climb such as skimmers, ladder, floodlights or even a counter-current swimming system. Your swimming pool must also have a coating that is not a liner and must not be treated with salt, in order to prevent from damaging the removable floor frame.

Wellness Pool x Aqualift – Concerned to offer you the best possible quality, Wellness Pool collaborates with the world leader in removable bottoms, Aqualift and its made-to-measure range Liberty as well as its ready-to-pose models.

Made-to-measure removable bottom – Thanks to its patented system, a Liberty made-to-measure removable floor makes it possible to carry out the most technically complex and daring projects. With no shape or size limit, a made-to-measure removable bottom adapts to site constraints for an aesthetic and long-lasting result. With this range, it becomes possible to install a removable bottom in a spoon or oval-shaped pool. 

Ready-to-pose removable bottom – If your pool is in rectangular shape and does not exceed 75 square meters, the ready-to-install removable bottoms are ideal for transforming your pool into a terrace.

Aesthetics – As this mobile bottom acts both as a terrace and a pool floor, the choice of its coating must be made in harmony with the surrounding environment. While wooden cladding is the most common, it is also possible to choose stone or tile.

Technology – More concretely, a removable bottom relies on a lifting system, the same way as an elevator. It allows its tray to modulate the water height or to completely cover the pool. In this case, it acts as a cover and it is for this reason that our removable bottoms comply with the French safety standard NF P90-308. For an effortless control, its system is motorized and can be actionable by a secure and electrical remote control.


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