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Discovering a place of well-being designed by Cédric Bassi means entering a world where the senses are celebrated and where you enjoy the present moment. 

Forward-thinking and daring, he turns your dreams into reality and is enthusiastic about building concepts that have never been seen.

Cédric Bassi never loses sight of what drives him: designing a unique living space for each client or family, never using the same design or the same ideas twice. 

He also wants you to feel good there, whatever the circumstances.

His creations transcribe a true art of living and his concern for comfort transforms any place into a sanctuary of serenity, as if out of time.

Designer and creator, Cédric Bassi makes all your swimming pool and wellness center dreams come true, even the most oversized ones.

Founder & Designer

Cédric Bassi experience

Cédric Bassi, designer and founder of Wellness Pool, has more than ten years of experience in design, construction and maintenance.

Continuing the family tradition of the four previous generations, he first made his debut in the world of carpentry and wood. His passion for noble materials and warm organic forms is, so to speak, innate.

It was in 2006 that he set his sights on swimming pool design, construction and maintenance. He humbly cut his teeth there until he perfectly mastered all the workings of it. Heartbroken to see over the years that the projects resemble each other, he forges a strong conviction that each client deserves a completely unique design, tailor-made and following his image.

Keeping his idea in mind and considering that the house is at the heart of our lives, Cédric Bassi then became interested in real estate by designing and building numerous domestic and commercial projects. This construction solid base now allows to save time for its customers.

Concerned to be able to finance his entrepreneurial project, he then made a 360° turn by integrating the football world as a sports director. There he acquired managerial skills that he uses today to supervise his team.

His commercial and management skills come from his experience as an insurance broker, a position he subsequently held.

In 2014, it was finally time for Cédric Bassi to make his dream come true and found his company for swimming pools & wellness centers design and construction. Originally named Bassi Piscines, it was only renamed Wellness Pool in 2020.

Cédric Bassi is an extremely active president and is involved body and soul in every Wellness Pool projects, from the design to the most extreme details.



Need an architect design but without construction ?

You would like to have a signed swimming pool design but already have your builder?

Cédric Bassi will be delighted to design your tailor-made swimming pool or wellness center, without going through our construction services.

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