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Waterfall pools

indoor pool with waterfall

Process – If you would like to install a waterfall in your pool, two options are possible. On the one hand, if you want to bring a simple decorative touch to an existing swimming pool, the ready-to-pose waterfall will be preferred. On the other hand, if you want to create a real paradise decor, with rocks or a water wall, the waterfall will have to be integrated into the construction or renovation of your swimming pool.

Characteristics – As an exceptional decorative arrangement, the waterfall provides a relaxing and unique atmosphere. There are many ready-to-pose waterfall models, but it is the tailor-made waterfall that will create your swimming pool uniqueness.

Aesthetics –  Wellness Pool achieves three waterfall types. 

The first one is the natural waterfall on riprap, where the water flows over the rocks placed at the pool edge, into the pool. The second kind is the immersive waterfall in a water wall, for which a waterfall is integrated into a rising wall located on one of the pool side and the water comes out of the wall and then flows into the pool. The last type is the contemporary stainless steel waterfall, which is distinguished by a simple water trickle that slides from a support fixed onto a swimming pool rim.

Technology – The stainless steel waterfall works with a filtration pump where the water supply is connected to the pool's return circuits. While water wall or rock waterfalls require their own electrical and water supplies.


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