Wellness Pool maintenance

Perfection, All year long

Concerned to offer you services for ever more serenity and ensure the durability of your swimming pool, Wellness Pool offers you its annual or à la carte maintenance services.

Subscribing to an annual Wellness Pool maintenance contract is the guarantee of emergency repairs all year long, maintenance advice, a technical assistant and monitoring by a dedicated pool master.

At each maintenance visit, your Wellness Pool pool specialist:

  • Checks hydraulic and electrical filtration systems
  • Cleans skimmers, pump pre-filter and sand filter
  • Cleans the water line, passes the landing net on the surface and the bottom broom
  • Perform photometric analysis to monitor water quality and milking
  • Checks the water level and fills or empties it
  • Cleaning products are included in our packages

Our annual maintenance packages


Price upon request
  • Opening
  • 12 passages/year
  • Wintering


A la carte
  • Opening
  • Maintenance
  • Wintering


Price upon request
  • Opening
  • 24 passages/year
  • Annual pool

Products & tools of choice

Wellness Pool has selected highly qualitative cleaning products to ensure the best possible maintenance, preserving the quality of its creations day after day, guaranteeing you a seamless relaxation experience.

Regarding maintenance tools, there are innovative and highly sophisticated, for a crystal clear water and an optimal Ph.


Wellness Pool maintenance

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04. Start of Maintenance


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