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Made-to-measure salt caves


Salt cave benefits – Loaded with trace elements, minerals and negative ions, salt has the power to relax the body, improve the skin beauty (small imperfections, psoriasis) and above all to free the airways (cough, asthma). It also improves sleep quality and reduces anxiety.

Salt cave ritual – Within a salt cave, the walls are coated with Himalayan salt which then permeates the air. These ones are rich in iodine, potassium, calcium and magnesium. This room is used for saline therapy also known as halotherapy. The aim of this ritual is to restore the sea air benefits to body and mind, just like at the seaside. Once the room is heated, the walls release all the salt beneficial properties. Sitting or lying down, it's time to relax, that you could punctuate by deep breathing. In order to multiply the halotherapy virtues on skin, it is customary to take grains of salt and perform a very invigorating body scrub.

Wellness Pool made-to-measure salt cave – Inside a salt cave, thermal technology is linked to a unique and sumptuous setting that awakens senses. The natural hues of pure Himalayan salt radiate and illuminate the cabin.

A Wellness Pool salt cave is tailor-made. Several thermal technologies are possible, as well as the choice of wall backlighting. Regarding relaxation, we can furnish the room with relaxation beds or even design benches with the appropriate dimensions and in the desired materials.  

It is also possible to integrate a salt wall inside your sauna, which is particularly resistant to heat and humidity.


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