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Hammam benefits – Drawing its origins from the Roman baths, the hammam is the relaxation place by essence. It is distinguished by a beneficial hot water vapor which, combined with essential oils and chromatherapy, has the power to deliver a wellness feeling to body and mind. Thanks to the cabin heat, the skin is purified, toxins eliminated, muscle tension reduced. The hammam also contributes to the decongestion of the respiratory tract and avoids aches after physical exertion.

Hammam ritual – This ritual takes place in a cabin saturated with water vapour, i.e. 100% humidity. It generates a vapor cloud of 20/25°C at the level of the feet and of 40/50°C at the level of the head. This vapor envelops the skin and raises body temperature, which generates sweating. To increase the hammam wellness effects, you can exfoliate your skin after having left the cabin or even take a cold shower to stimulate blood circulation.

Made-to-measure hammam by Wellness Pool – Wellness Pool creates professional masonry hammams, for individuals as well as for wellness public centers. The tailor-made private hammam has the advantage of offering an architectural design and as many features as found in an institute, for the most unique relaxation experience at home. Unlike the customizable pre-designed hammam, it perfectly fits with the rest of your room and is in harmony with your interior.

Regarding personalization, an infinite possibility of floor and wall coverings is available, such as quartz mosaic, marble, glass walls or even stoneware. It is the same for the choice of lighting and aromatherapy system, in order to convey the most soothing emotional release. Wellness Pool will also assist you in your choice of the steam generator (stove, heat pump, steam engine, etc.), which is based on different technologies, in order to optimize the quality of the steam according to the characteristics of the water, while maximizing the machinery life.

Wellness Pool x Kilife

Ready-to-pose hammams

Ready-to-pose – Wellness Pool also offers a high-end model of ready-to-install Hammam from the Kilife brand, available in 8 sizes to suit the greatest number of interiors. Rigor, aesthetics, reliability and comfort are the hallmarks of the standards of our exclusive partner. 

The product – This Italian model relies on a solid polystyrene structure enriched with a stratigraphy that allows reliable thermal insulation. A wall-mounted cold water shower has been provided for cooling off during or after a session. This product is turned on and off via a touch screen from outside the cabin. The whole is enriched by numerous possibilities in terms of internal fittings, forms and realization possibilities. The result is a perfect product to offer absolutely unique experiences.

The coatings – As this model is customizable, six types of stones are offered as interior coating, such as marble, sandstone, mosaic, eco-mortar, kerlite and corian. As for the floor and the walls, they are made of ecomalte.

The options – To ensure a peaceful relaxation experience, it is possible to add an emergency stop button. For more comfort, it is possible to install an MP3 player in the cabin with loudspeakers recessed in the ceiling, to install a shower head, to provide a shower with hot and cold water, to integrate a diffuser of steam, a heating benches and put a longitudinal drainage system.


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