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Indoor pools


Process – Real living space dedicated to wellness, an indoor swimming pool will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of swimming 365 days a year, sheltered from weather vagaries. The indoor pool is generally inground and made of concrete.

Prerequisites – Building an indoor pool requires a dedicated entire room in your home. Indeed, it is essential to limit any humidity spread and allow a good ventilation. Your house foundations will also need to be checked to ensure that they will be able to carry the swimming pool weight. Easy to integrate into an existing house, as wells as a new construction, a veranda is often the most chosen room to install an indoor swimming pool.

Arrangements – To personalize an indoor swimming pool, several arrangements are possible, such as the integration of a spa, a counter-current swimming system, a waterfall, a fountain, jets or water blades. For your comfort and safety, a roller shutter system and barriers can also be installed. 

If you would like to swim with music, punctuate your aquagym session, relax or even party, the integration of underwater speakers is a favorite arrangement.

Aesthetics – The coating of your swimming pool walls and bottom can be chosen at will, from the materials handpicked by Wellness Pool, such as quartz for example. Lighting also plays a central role in your pool aesthetics as well as the experience you will live. A wide choice of lightings is available, from classic spotlights to colored LEDs. The decor can be even more immersive with rocks arrangement. 

Technology – Designed for your comfort and at the forefront of home automation, several optional equipment is possible, such as an integrated automatic cleaning, a water heating and cooling system, an automated temperature and Ph measurement or even all these systems connected for an effortless remote control.


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