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Calidarium ritual – Drawing its origins from the Roman baths, the calidarium, also called calidario, is a room where body massages are given in dry air at 36°C or charged with steam at 45°C, according to your wishes. It is common to practice, for example, a mud therapy massage (mud wrap), a salt scrub, or simply to take a steam bath. Treatments carried out in a calidarium have therefore an improved effectiveness thanks to the heat, while relaxation is accentuated by a scenography of colors, perfumes and music. 

Calidarium benefits – The cabin heat, lower than the hammam or sauna ones, convey body and mind relaxation, in addition to the provided massage virtues. Blood circulation is stimulated, skin firmer and pores cleansed.

Made-to-measure Calidarium by Wellness Pool – Regarding your massage cabin design, several models of calidarium, massage tables, beds and deck chairs are available. At the forefront of technology and comfort, they are made of carbon fibers with a heating system. As for the calidarium structure, it is made of high density polystyrene to minimize heat loss. 

Kneipp course

Hydrotherapy & Kneipp Course – Hydrotherapy is based on the alternation of a hot water treatment which relaxes, followed by a cold water treatment which invigorates the body. These thermal stimulations strengthen the circulatory and immune systems. They also evacuate stress and free the mind. Regarding the Kneipp Course, it is a SPA treatment based on hydrotherapy and reproducing the conditions of a spa treatment created by Sebastien Kneipp in the 9th century. This course consists therefore of a rapid immersion of the lower body, from the knees to the feet, in pools of different temperature water and according to a precise procedure. In order to multiply the therapeutic effects, light aerobic exercises can be performed there.

Kneipp Course therapy – The course begins with an immersion in a pool of 37°C hot water. Then follows the exercise of the stork walk, for 30 to 40 steps, for alternating hot and cold water. To do this, you have to walk on the spot and at each step, bring one leg entirely out of the water. When the calves turn red, it means that the circulatory system is reactivated and the therapy is working. The treatment ends with 20°C invigorating cold water. 

Kneipp Course benefits – The thermal shock caused by the various immersions in hot and cold water stimulates the vascular system. The boosted blood circulation offers better body's tissues oxygenation. If this practice is carried out regularly, the immune system is strengthened and the body more resistant.

Made-to-measure Kneipp Course by Wellness Pool – Wellness Pool offers the "classic" and customizable Kneipp Course from its exclusive partner Ki-life, or the tailor-made construction of your Kneipp pool. The first version is a course consisting of a series of small pools based on heating, cooling, circulation and water filtration systems. The pool shapes are adaptable and the installation of a bench seat is possible. While the bespoke Kneipp pool is designed like a traditional pool, where the dimensions of the pools and the coatings are chosen by the customer. Lateral hydro-massage hot and cold water jets are placed in each of the pools.

Sensorial shower

Sensorial shower – Perfect for a global and multi-sensory relaxation session, the balneotherapy shower has the particularity of awakening each of the five senses, by combining different therapies. Touch is stimulated by hydro-massage jets and temperature changes (hydrotherapy), the sense of smell is stimulated by essential oils (aromatherapy), hearing is stimulated by the diffusion of music (music therapy) and sight is energized by a play of lights and colors (luminotherapy & chromatherapy). The sensorial cabin allows therefore a complete massage as well as body and mind relaxation.

Sensorial shower ritual –  Entering a balneotherapy shower and pressing a simple button transports you to a unique sensorial destination. You can enjoy a tropical rain, penetrate a fog, live a fine summer rain, post you under a waterfall... Each program recreates a particular climatic environment. For each destination, the colors, lights, music, scents, temperatures and jet intensity are orchestrated to offer you an exhilarating sensorial and emotional experience.

Sensorial shower benefits – Combining several therapies, the beneficial virtues of a sensorial shower are multiple. Chromotherapy can alleviate certain physical and emotional disorders. Hydrotherapy improves functional capacity and a vascular and immune systems strengthening. Music therapy improves mood, sleep quality and relieves pain. Light therapy fights against seasonal depression. Aromatherapy offers all the essential oils benefits.

Made-to-measure sensorial shower by Wellness Pool – Building your tailor-made sensorial shower means choosing its dimensions, its volumes, its coverings from floor to ceiling, the layout and jet specificity, its lighting and different technologies.


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