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Context – Over time, your pool may have watertightness problems, its coating may be damaged and its filtration system worn out. It is generally necessary to renovate a swimming pool, a spa or a fountain after ten years. This will also be an opportunity for you to make the aesthetic changes and fittings that you have thought about and dreamed of in recent years.

Aesthetics & fittings – Wellness Pool accompanies you in the renovation of your pool and takes care of the technical part so that you can concentrate on the style, the shapes, the lighting and the coatings. A renovation is the perfect time to make an extension, reduce the depth of a pool, add an overflow, a waterfall, a removable bottom or even a spa.

Renovation by Wellness Pool – We are committed to avoid the nuisances and technical constraints related to the renovation of your swimming pool or wellness center. It is for this reason that we consider renovation as a project management. Our design office will take care of the necessary administrative procedures (prior declaration, declaration of works, special authorizations, filing of plans). As for our design department, its mission will be to first carry out a diagnosis, then create the 3D of your project and finally produce the technical plans.

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