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Made-to-measure saunas

Sauna benefits - A true ancestral Finnish ritual, the Sauna envelops the body with a relaxing heat that relaxes muscles and joints, while eliminating toxins through sweating. Nervous tension is relieved, body and mind soothed.

Sauna ritual – The Sauna is characterized by a very high and dry heat (80-100°C). Inside a cabin styled in wood, steam is created by projecting water onto stones which are heated by a stove. Once warm, these stones give off a comforting warmth that blends with the unique scents of natural woods. Relaxation can begin.

Made-to-measure sauna by Wellness Pool – Wellness Pool offers a bouquet of wood species carefully selected for their organoleptic, aesthetic and resistance qualities, such as Canadian Hemlock, Ash, Cedar or Fir. As for the lighting, Wellness Pool will accompany you in your choice to highlight the lines and veins of the selected wood. A wide range of high end stoves is offered, designed with a highly technological control unit. It goes without saying that security systems and emergency buttons are integrated to ensure absolute protection.

Wellness Pool x KILIFE

Ready-to-pose saunas

Ready-to-pose – Wellness Pool also offers a top-of-the-range and ready-to-install Sauna model by Kilife brand, available in 8 sizes to suit the greatest number of interiors. Rigor, aesthetics, reliability and comfort are the hallmarks of our exclusive partner standards. 

The product – This model is an Italian product that sums up the true essence of the Finnish sauna, where the warmth of natural wood dialogues with an electronic system and a highly technological control unit. This product is turned on and off via a touch screen located outside the cabin. The whole is enriched by numerous possibilities in internal fittings, forms and realization possibilities. 

The coatings – As this model is customizable, three types of wood are available as interior lining, such as Canadian Hemlock, thermo-treated pine and Nordic pine. 

The options – To ensure a peaceful relaxation experience, it is possible to add an emergency stop button, to protect the back of the stove with slate, sandstone or stone, and to install a security system for the wood stove. For more comfort, it is possible to make heating by infrared panels and to add an MP3 player in the cabin with loudspeakers recessed in the ceiling.


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