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SPA sur-mesure

Spa benefits – Do you have a terrace or an unoccupied room at home? Would you like to create a relaxation area? Installing a spa at home will allow you to create a well-being break after your day and this, all year round.

In terms of body benefits, the spa delivers all the benefits of hydromassage. In addition to a feeling of overall well-being, it provides relief from muscle tension due to anxiety or physical effort. It also participates in improving blood circulation and promotes the healing process of certain diseases related to the respiratory tract.

Wellness Pool made-to-measure spa – Wellness Pool builds professional masonry spas, for individuals as well as for relaxation areas open to the public. The made-to-measure jacuzzi or swim spa has the advantage of offering an architectural design and as many features as in a professional spa, for a most unique relaxation experience at home. Unlike the customizable pre-designed spa, it blends in perfectly with the rest of your room or your exterior. Regarding personalization, you can choose the number of jets, seating or lying places without any limit. An infinite possibility of coverings is offered to you, such as quartz, mosaic, marble or even porcelain stoneware. The same for the choice of lighting and chromatherapy system. 

Wellness Pool x PEIPS

Ready-to-pose spas

Ready-to-pose – Wellness Pool also offers several models of ready-to-pose spas from the French brand Peips, available in various formats to suit the greatest number of interiors or exteriors, even the smallest. The number of seating and reclining places as well as the number of jets vary from one model to another. Rigor, aesthetics, reliability and comfort are the hallmarks of our partner's standards. 

The product ranges – Wellness Pool has selected for you two ranges of spas, namely the Tonic range which is fairly standard and the Design range which is more upmarket. Their design is contemporary and their uniqueness lies in their fiber optic equipment and LEDs which deliver chromatherapy benefits. Their performance is ensured by a jet system, "the Peips massage system", twice as powerful as other systems on the market. 

Regarding the Tonic collection, 5 models have been developed including two 3-seater spas, a 5-seater spa and two 6-seater spas. For the Design range, 8 models are available including a 2-seater, a 3-seater, two 4-seaters, a 5-seater and three 6-seaters.

The coatings – As these models are customizable, several colors are available for the exterior and interior coverings.

The options – For more comfort, it is possible to choose the connected assistance option which analyzes the water in real time and allows you to control your spa remotely. You can also choose stairs and a cover as options.


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