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Traditional pools


Process – A traditional swimming pool is a swimming pool made of concrete and is usually inground. The concrete is thus projected onto an iron structure.

Characteristics – Usually rectangular, its size is variable, on average between 6m and 25m in length and between 3m and 5m in width. As for the pool depth, it must be adapted to the the whole family activities and can be sloping for this reason. A traditional swimming pool is also equipped with a staircase facilitating access to the water or to sit in. A bottom step can also follow the contour of the pool.

Arrangements – To personalize a traditional swimming pool, several arrangements are possible, such as the integration of a spa, a counter-current swimming system, a waterfall, a fountain, jets or water blades. For your comfort and safety, a roller shutter system and barriers can also be installed.

Aesthetics – The coating of your swimming pool walls and bottom can be chosen at will, from the materials handpicked by Wellness Pool, such as quartz for example. Lighting also plays a central role in your pool aesthetics as well as the experience you will live. A wide choice of lightings is available, from classic spotlights to colored LEDs. The decor can be even more immersive with rocks arrangement.

Technology – Designed for your comfort and at the forefront of home automation, several optional equipment is possible, such as an integrated automatic cleaning, a water heating and cooling system, an automated temperature and Ph measurement or even all these systems connected for an effortless remote control.

All these choices will make your swimming pool an exceptional achievement and contribute to a unique experience, with family or friends.


Project process

01. Idea

The field of possibilities being infinite, we invite you to seek inspiration to determine your future choices.

02. Study

Our team studies your land, sunshine, wind exposure and your garden, to determine the ideal location.

03. Design

Choice of shape, structure, coatings, lighting and fittings & 3D design of your pool.

04. Building

The construction of the swimming pool can begin. We take care of everything and ensure an impeccable site monitoring.

05. Delivery

The technical room is installed, the shutters or safety barriers are put in place and your pool is getting started.


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